Bali half-marathon route changed

Attracting over 1,000 runners including 15 world champions, the Bali half-marathon ran into some difficulties at the last minute causing the route to be changed.

Bali half-marathonThe Bali half-marathon was scheduled to be run over the new toll road in the evening, a spectacle expected to attract large crowds. However at the last minute, organizers still had not received confirmation from the toll road management and mapped a new route from Geger Beach to the Pura.

“From the outset we planned to implement the race on the Bali Mandara highway. Close to the scheduled start there was still no permission,” said the managing director of the event, Andreas Kansil, in Nusa Dua.

The race was won by Kenyan runner, Karithi Curia, who finished in just over 30 minutes. Second and third place in the men’s category were also won by Kenyan runners.

Curia was full of praise for the island of Bali, although he said running at night was quite unusual and risky owing to environmental hazards.

“Indeed, the terrain was quite challenging,” he explained. “Because there were climbs it took longer than usual. The path at times seemed unimaginable.”

The race had targeted 3,000 runners but final figures were closer to 1,000. It is hoped that the half-marathon will become a regular iconic event in Bali, attracting more elite international runners