Bali flights

Bali is a small tropical island and is one over twenty thousand islands that make up Indonesia. Getting there by plane is fairly easy from any country. Before you decide to book your flights or Bali Hotels, you need to find out what the status is with regards Bali visa requirements for your specific country. If you are coming from an Indonesian country then you don’t need a visa but may need to pay airport tax as you enter the country, whatever your visa is or the type of ticket you bought you will have to pay an entry and exit tax.

Even if your ticket specifies that airport tax has been paid, you will still have to pay at the airport before boarding your flight and when you land, so keep some local Indonesian Rupiahs handy.

Most western nationals don’t need to apply for a visa either, but will have to pay up to $30 for a visa when they arrive. The process is fairly quick and there are plenty of manned stations to make it go as fast as possible. For other countries a visa will have to be obtained before flying. Wherever you are coming from it is advisable to find out the latest up to date information from the local Balinese embassy.