Bali airport taxes

With effective from November 1, 2007, the airport tax at Denpasar’s International Airport Ngurah Rai is Rp.200,000 for international flights. All travelers heading to a destination outside Indonesia have to pay this tax after check-in.

taxes-baliIf you are traveling to other places in Indonesia, the airport tax for domestic flights is Rp. 11 – 30,000.

The payment of airport tax must make in cash and only Rupiah can be accepted; so make sure you reserve some Rupiah for this purpose.

Just for your information, if Indonesian citizens wish to travel oversea, they need to pay an additional Rp.1,000,000 fiscal before leaving Indonesia.

However, if an Indonesian citizen who is currently working in other countries but returns to Indonesia during the employment period, they can be exempted for the fiscal charge provided the address in his passport has updated to his current employer’s company address.

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Nothing wrong with that - maybe only the amount

To clarify a few of your statements:
On arrival you pay for a visa, if Indonesians go to most of your countries, they pay much more for the visa, even if is rejected and most of them are rejected. The citizens of the few countries which welcome Indonesians for free also get a visa-free access to Indonesia.

The airport tax (airport fee, terminal fee, departure tax) has to be paid at all airports in the world that I know, but at most of them, it is included in the ticket. I prefer the system in Indonesia, if I cancel the ticket, I won't loose the departure tax, because I have not paid it yet.
The tax on most of the bills is a VAT as in most other countries as well.
So there is a reason for all of this - still I find the departure tax a bit high.

More than a rip-off

The whole place is more than just a rip-off, in any other country the things that go on in Bali would be deemed criminal. The number of times you get charged 10 or 11% "tax" on top of bills where they only take cash is ridiculous. I am sure it all goes in the pocket.
As for street sellers they treat you like idiots with their initial asking price which is most often more than you can buy similar items back home. Then when you walk on they make derisive remarks about you in their language.
They whole of Bali is littered with rubbish and from what I have seen it is the locals that do most of it.
Then of course there is the Visa tax and departure tax. Bali averages around 300,000 visitors and departures a month. Do the maths, this adds up to over $20 million Australian dollars a month, whose pockets does this go in. Definitely not in upkeep that's for sure.
Goodbye Bali, unlikely to return

The whole country is a rip off

Paying for things is never a problem - paying for things that you don't get anything in return for - is a scam/rip off.

The Balinese are now more famous for charging and overcharging than they are in delivering a smile, good products and high levels of service. Sure other airports charge taxes, but in return you receive a clean airport - working modern facilities and plenty of seating.

This airport is little more than a motorway service station. Awful place.

Maybe they should take all the money that they are making from tourists - and use it to enhance the Bali product/experience... clear the rubbish, serve your customers from time to time.

I'm joining the ever swelling group of people that can say they've been to Bali, but never ever will they come back.

Immigration officer conned $$

Beware of the arrival card! As we arrive we have fill the arrival form, but it's was without the departure portion. So as we depart from Bali, the officer insist us providing the departure card. we have -refilled the departure card, but he insist on the with arrival stamp. Anyway, he ask us to pay 500,000 rupiah each. It's was such a ripped off!! He just re-filled the departure card for us.

exit tax

Recently I visited to bali and returning back, I belive these are hidden chargess. At arrival, I paid voa fees ( visa on arrival - this is understood) and retuning back to home , I dont understand why I have to pay...thank god they accept foreign currency..I paid it and went through..


Nobody on the airport knows if this is a "TAX" or "SERVICE FEE" :)
But the real problem ist the exchange rate for foreign currencies.
Of course you can pay in foreign currencies, but for example the exchange rate13 eur for 150 000 Rp. is the worst in all Indonesia - this is a reall ripp-off !!!

Pay must in Rupiah

Airport tax must be paid in Rupiah cash. It is recommended that visitors prepare the required amount of money in advance, and save it for later. If you are arriving in Indonesia and then transiting/connecting to a domestic flight, you will need to get some Rupiah from an ATM or money changer before checking in for the second flight.