Bali airport taxes

With effective from November 1, 2007, the airport tax at Denpasar’s International Airport Ngurah Rai is Rp.200,000 for international flights. All travelers heading to a destination outside Indonesia have to pay this tax after check-in.

taxes-baliIf you are traveling to other places in Indonesia, the airport tax for domestic flights is Rp. 11 – 30,000.

The payment of airport tax must make in cash and only Rupiah can be accepted; so make sure you reserve some Rupiah for this purpose.

Just for your information, if Indonesian citizens wish to travel oversea, they need to pay an additional Rp.1,000,000 fiscal before leaving Indonesia.

However, if an Indonesian citizen who is currently working in other countries but returns to Indonesia during the employment period, they can be exempted for the fiscal charge provided the address in his passport has updated to his current employer’s company address.